Event is supported by local Councils, Businesses and Volunteer Organisations. Without their support, running the event would not be possible. 

Snowy Hydro

The Snowy Hydro is head sponsor of Snowy Hydro Upper Murray Challenge. Head sponsorship insludes financial support as well as management of water release from Khancoban Dam to Swampy Plains River on event day (subject to operational situation)

Full Cycle Albury

The Full Cycle Albury is the Mountain Bike Leg sponsor of the Snowy Hydro Upper Murray Challenge. The Full Cycle Albury provides solid prize pack for the competitors, including complete 29" hardatail Specialized mountain bike.

Snowy Valleys Council

The Snowy Valleys Council is major Snowy Hydro Upper Murray Challenge sponsor, helping organisation both financially and in-kind. Snowy Valleys Council organise a safe 'school' crossing of Alpine Way on the mountain bike leg and setting up road closures within Khancoban township.