Snowy Hydro

The Snowy Hydro is head sponsor of Snowy Hydro Upper Murray Challenge. Head sponsorship insludes financial support as well as management of water release from Khancoban Dam to Swampy Plains River on event day (subject to operational situation)

Snowy Hydro Limited is an electricity generation and retailing company in Australia that owns, manages, and maintains the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme which consists of nine hydro-electric power stations and sixteen large dams connected by 145 kilometres (90 mi) of tunnels and 80 kilometres (50 mi) of aqueducts located mainly in the Kosciuszko National Park


As part of the company's responsibilities for managing the Snowy Mountain Scheme, Snowy Hydro Limited also collects, stores, and diverts water for irrigation from the Snowy Mountains catchment west to the Murray and Murrumbidgee River systems under what is called the Snowy Water Licence. Granted as part of the Snowy Hydro Corporatisation Act, 1997 (NSW) for fixed five year terms, this licence prescribes the rights and obligations on the company with respect to the collection, diversion, storage, use, and release of water within the Snowy area. The Snowy Water Licence also imposes some obligations on the company in terms of releasing environmental flows east into the Snowy River and other rivers in the Snowy Mountains region.

As a part of Snowy Hydro support for the Upper Murray Challenge, it releases water (subject to operational situation) from Khancoban Dam into Swampy Plains River to allow smoother paddle leg down the river.