New MTB course for 2018 race

With less than 2 months to go we have finally confirmed a new MTB course. Over the years there has been much discussion and suggestions included moving back to the original course with the start from the remote picnic ground and comments about the course being too physically demanding within the multisport event framework.

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Damon Goerke shares his thoughts about 2018 event

Last year's individual male winner, Damon Goerke, shares his thoughts about last years race and about upcoming event on 6th of October.

How many times have you done UMC?

I did the very first one and a couple more along the way, but haven't been back for at least 10 years.

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St Leonards school students team up for UMC

Group of four boys and two girls from St Leonards school are getting ready to tackle Upper Murray Challenge this year as a team of six. Mark Slykhuis, well known adventure racing and multisport athlete and coach from St Leondards school is leading the team, and promted few questions to them. AJ team is looking forward to support young generation in our events!

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