Race categories

Registration is open for SOLO, team and AR duo categories

The race is open for registration in following categories:

  • Individual Male, Female categores: one participant is racing the whole course (three legs) on his own. 
  • Relay Team categories: as name suggests, one team member completes one leg. 
  • AR Duo team categories: teams of two complete the entire course together, running and riding within 50 meter of each other, paddling supplied double boat. 
  • Single leg categories. 

Within each of the above, age categories are open, if more than 3 participants (teams) take part:

  • Open: 18-39 years old on a day of the event.
  • Veteran 40-49 years old on a day of the event. 
  • Vintage 50-59 years old on a day of the event.


Additionally Relay, AR Duo teams have all male, all female and mixed categories. Category is open if more than 3 teams participate in the event.