Luke Haines shined again scoring the overall win, Sorcha Flett claimed her first UMC win. Full results >>>


Tim Boote claimed his second win, and Maria Plyshechko, being race director, won her second title as well. Full results >>>


Damon Goerke won the male title just behind team BBR, Marlena Ahrens, world-class marathon kayaker, claimed the female title. The organisation was taken over by Adventure Junkie crew. Full results >>>


Victorious Jarad Kohlar praises 'world class' event, Lou Carrington claimed her first title. Full results >>>


Tim Boote won overall and the male title, Maria Plyashechko was the fastest female competitor. This edition the organisation was taken over by Steve Taylor from the original race director, Peter Dikshei. Full results >>>


Jarad Kohlar claimed his 3rd victory in hard battle over Luke Haines, while Annabel Brennan won the female title. Full results >>>


Jarad Kohlar came back to claim his second overall and male title, whilst Myriam Guillot from France won a hard race over 4-time champion, Deanna Blegg. Full results >>>


Haines grabs second Upper Murray Challenge title, whilst Deanna Blegg counted her 4th victory. Full results >>> 


Luke Haines managed to claim overall and male crown in a very competitive field, whilst Deanna Blegg came back to get her second victory in a row. Full results >>>


Khris Plain won the overall and male title, Deanna Blegg returned for the second time to cement her name in UMC history. Full results >>>


Jarad Kohlar won the overall and male title, Deanna Blegg claimed her first UMC victory. Full results >>>


Jeremy Ross won overall competition and the male title, whilst Delyth Lloyd won her second title in a row. Full results >>>


Jody Zebst secured his second in a row overall victory and the male title, whilst Delyth Lloyd won hard battle over last year winner Wendy Wilson. Full results >>>


Jody Zebst claimed overall victory and the male title, whilst Wendy Wilson won females competition. Full results >>>


The inaugural edition of the race took place and established itself as one of the toughest races in Australia. Nigel Aylott claimed male podium, whilst Kath Mahy won females. Full results >>>